Friday, August 3, 2012

Good Morning

I’m not exactly sure why you’d leave this up on your computer, and logged in as well, but opportunities are opportunities, I guess. Forgive me for this, but you'll never know when this information might come in handy.

Now that that formality’s out of the way, where the fuck are you? Your house is an abandoned warzone and there’s a decaying body in your bedroom. I can literally FEEL the shit that’s gone on in this place, that’s how bad it is.

You lived here, under the presence of at least four of the Undying, and then somehow escaped? If you’re still alive and telling the truth, then I must say, I’m impressed. Of course, if you’re someone posing as Thomas Blake, then may some god have mercy on your soul and grant you asylum before I find you.

Anyway, I’m late to the party, as usual. Care to let me know where you are so I can find you and save/kill you before the Undying do?

- Have a Nice Day

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