Monday, August 27, 2012

Audio Log: 1/25/12 10:43 am

Phone call received from known source #122, transcription is as follows:

Sender: Umm… Dr. Birchman?

Receiver: Dr. Anderson! How nice to hear from you. How is our patient doing?

S: He’s fine, Doctor Birchman. But... We... We might have a problem.

R: Oh? What sort of problem might we have?

S: Oh. Uhh… You remember those pills you told us to give the patient?

R: Yes, I distinctly remember telling you to give the patient a bottle of CH-139... Please don't tell me you gave him the wrong medicine.

S: No, no, no, Doctor Birchman. He got the CH-139. It’s just… We may have given him a seed bottle.

R: You had a seed in your office? That’s not exactly allowed, Dr. Anderson.

S: Forgive me, Dr. Birchman. I like to keep a seed of every medication we have. For emergencies, you know? It was a fresh box, and it just slipped my mind to separate the seed from the rest of the bottles.

R: I fail to see the problem here. So he has a seed bottle. It should work just as efficiently as the others.

S: That’s not quite it, Dr. Birchman…

R: Well get on with it! I don’t exactly have all day!

S: Well, the patient didn’t like the pills. He seemed to be scared of them, he acted adversely to them when we gave him the bottle. We worry that he might inspect the bottle before taking any of the medication, and he might find the stamp on the inside of the seed and make it public somehow.

R: Why wouldn't he just ignore it?

S: Our evaluations lead us to believe that he'd... umm... ask for help from the people following his blog.

R: Oh right, his blog. I almost forgot about that thing. Who's he attracted to that online diary, anyway? Anybody we should worry about?

S: Umm, well, there's proxiehunter and a few others, but I'm worrying that there are some other psychiatrists watching his blog as well.

R: So you’re worried he will find the stamp, put it on his little blog, and then everybody will know your associations with the Good Doctor.

S: Well, yeah. I don't want to be put out of a job, you know.

R: You don’t see any other possible implications here to worry about?

S: Umm… No?

R: Not like, say, having our little agreement with the Timberwolves being made public? Do you realize that if that stamp gets out, there will inevitably be a paper trail leading right to us? And even if we evade the more perceptive runners, we’ll most certainly lose the support of Dereck’s little band of drug dealers?

S: What, you're worried about those ruffians?! Listen, I don’t know what you and Doctor Engels see in them, but I don’t think it would be that hard to synthesize the damn drugs without their seeds! Why you choose to rely on them is beyond me. I don’t trust their dirty gang as far as I could throw them!

R: We’ve been over this before, Mister Anderson. Trade with Dereck is beneficial to the both of us.

S: Yeah, we get their drugs, and they get our machines to manufacture new compounds. Whoop-de-doo. Why can’t we just take a few bottles of seed and figure out how to make them ourselves, instead of wasting the seeds on their ridiculous ideas!

R: I don’t expect you to understand the nuances of the agreement, Anderson. But you have been told time and time again that Doctor Engels and I hold the interests of our group foremost in our minds. We do only what is best for-

S: Best for who? You, us, the Good Doctor? You’re lining your pockets with the Timberwolves’ cash, and using the rest of us as a meat shield when the shit hits the fan.

R: Mister Anderson, there are more important things than your petty wants. Furthermore, you will have more to worry about than the supposed psychiatrists watching the blog if that stamp makes it onto that blog. I will personally see to it that you will work cleanup on whatever mess forms, and then I will make sure that you contract a particularly bad strain of mono when this all blows over. Do you understand me, Anderson?

S: ... Yes, Doctor Birchman.

R: Good. Then go back to your job. And contact me if anything happens, I want to be the first to know if this turns sour.

Connection terminated by receiver.

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  1. The fog is starting to lift on the reason behind posting these documents.