Sunday, August 26, 2012

And on the seventh day

I rested.

I am by no means implying that the last few days were busy, as I haven't really left this building. But this facility is quite a bit bigger than the shack I took over last, and as such it has a lot of machines and documents. Oh dear, all these documents, all this information. It's such a shame that most of them are invalid now, with their authors and intended parties dead. And it's an even bigger shame that most of them are bland, unhelpful, and just plain stupid.

To be fair, I wasn't expecting anything on the level of the Doctors, but seriously, some of these are just illegible. You should feel ashamed of yourselves.

Anyway, we've cleared out the building and confiscated the machinery, and I'm just having some fun prancing around the building in my gas mask like I originally wanted to. I'm sure by now you've tried escaping the city, so I'm just going to assume that by this point you've got it into your tiny brains how screwed you really are. Enjoy your last seven days, and pray often to your god.

You're going to be meeting him soon enough.

- Have a Nice Day

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