Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Document CTE-5-2

Experimental group #5


All individuals involved with the test are hereby labeled #XYYY, X being the group number, and YYY being the individual's place in the group. At no time are the individuals to be called by their names, instead refer to them as "Patient XYYY" or "Number XYYY."

Group 5 is first and foremost a MPD assignment, do not forget this. There will be MPD representatives present at all times and overseeing every test. If they wish for the results or specifics of any one or any group of tests, you are to comply fully. The representatives have authority over all techs and researchers while in the facility, and any problems should be taken up with the head Doctor of your group [Dr. Birchman].


Tests #5001-5005 are controls, designed to compare with the future tests.

#5001: Given a large pill (~125 mg) stuffed with fungus. Patient spent 24 hours in a stable state, and afterwards rapidly declined mentally. By hour 36, patient had reached a full possession. Patient terminated self 60 hours into the test.

5002: Given an injection of a 25% solution by mass of liquified fungus. Patient mirrored the symptoms of Subject #5001, reaching a full possession at hour 36. Patient terminated self 72 hours into the test. MPD requested and granted all information related to #5002.

5003: Sprayed on the back of the neck with an aerosolized fungus, 50% by mass. Patient spent 24 hours stable, but the infection began to spread rapidly after hour 12. At hour 18, patient had the full appearance of a Carrier, but was still in full control of his mental faculties. Patient spent hours 18-24 showing signs of major distress, including clawing at both arms in an attempt to remove the fungus. After 24 hours, the patient fell silent and began to act as a Carrier. MPD requested and granted all information related to #5003.

[Note: Despite what the MPD claims, I do not approve of test #5003 being used as a method of torture. While it places a great amount of distress on the individual, the process is rather irreversible.]

5004: Inhaled 100 grams of aerosolized fungus. Patient spent 2 hours stable, but expired after the fungus coated the inside of the patient's lungs. MPD requested and granted all information related to #5004.

5005: Left in room thoroughly contaminated with fungus. Patient spent 48 hours in the room before succumbing to a full possession. After 120 hours, patient terminated self.

Tests #5201-5299 are designed to test the effectiveness of a direct injection.

#5201-5254: All Patients terminated quicker that #5005, with #5254 matching the control almost exactly. Individual records terminated.

#5255-5287: All patients exhibited possession of a degree less than that of #5005, but all eventually succumbed to a full possession. Individual records terminated.

#5288-5295: Patients showed no initial signs of possession, but tested positive after some form of excitement. See Document CTE-5-2-B for further results.

#5296-5299: Patients showed no signs of possession under any circumstances, and tests came up negative under all scrutiny. Individual records terminated.

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