Sunday, January 22, 2012

What the shit happened?

I'm having a bit of trouble remembering what happened last night. I recall reading about something called the Choir. I remember being scared out of my mind at something, and then something happened and then I passed out... again.

Chelsea's back. Said she went to visit the docs in person last night. They said that they have been following my ramblings, and consulting with their colleagues. They encouraged me to take the next couple of days off, and they might be able to give me some medication to help stop the hallucinations when I see them Tuesday.

Also, I read the posts I made last night. I can't recall ever seeing anything like what I described, but in all likelihood, that's what I thought I saw. In retrospect, I'm probably just hallucinating, and reading those stories just made me hallucinate more.

I'll go to the docs, I'll try their medication, and maybe this will all go away.


  1. If it's a pill, DON'T TAKE IT. Please, trust me on this one.

    'course, not like it matters anyways. You're still going to fall to them eventually.

  2. The Doctors are corrupt. Of course, you aren't going to listen.