Sunday, January 1, 2012

Oh man, I love these people. So. Much.

My friends are great people. They are just amazing. They really know how to party.

So they said I could hang with them for New Years. We went to some places and had a few beers. Had some great fun.

These guys came up to us and tried to get us to leave. Said some shit about us. But there were only three of them, so they were easy. My friends were standing there cheeering me on the entire time.

Anyway, I took those assholes out, and my friends helped me get back home. They really are great fun people.

And Chelsea is great, too. She was there for me when I came home. She is always there for me. She is such a great person.

So I think I might be ramblig a bit, but I gotta say how AMAZING these people are. They are great, fun, amazing people and I wouldn’t trade them in for anyhting. And I wanna wish everybody out there a happy new year.



  1. Are you high, or are you drunk? Total personality change.