Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Strike two

The docs did something really weird tonight. I thought they would be angry (or at least disappointed) that I didn't get that post up like I said I would, but they suddenly don't seem to care. Last week all they wanted me to talk about was my mother and my childhood, trying to find some sort of Freudian source of my anger, I guess, and when the session ended, they said I should put up a post talking more about my childhood so they can build off of it for this week.

But they seemed really interested in the rat problem we've been having. REALLY interested. Seriously, the only reason I put that here is because I got sucked in to the fucking blogging, not because it was related to my problems at all. And you assholes seem to think it's related somehow.

I'm not schizophrenic. I'm not hearing voices telling me what to do, I'm not hallucinating, I'm hearing goddamn rats! Maybe if the rats were telling me to kill Chelsea because she's cheating on me, I'd be worried, but it's just random scratching and squeaking. Why in the world would I be hallucinating THAT?!

I'm going to remind you that I'm the one paying you, I'm the one expecting results, and if you resort to stupid bullshit like this, I WILL stop paying you. I don't care if my job is on the line, if you think you'll leech a penny off of me through these antics, by prolonging my problems, you will find yourself one client short.

This is your final warning. I'll work on that post about my mother, but don't expect me to do stupid shit unless there is a GOOD reason for it.


  1. Psst! Thomas! These are the rats... We want you to kill Chelsea... But don't tell anyone...

  2. Shut the fuck up, Ms. Revelation.

    Stop threatening your doctors, trust me, they don't take kindly to it.