Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Yeah, I know it's a very bad idea to be doing this while at work, but I need to do SOMETHING.

The docs drilled me yesterday. Question after question after question after unending question. They wanted to know about my childhood, my days in school, my love life, my parents, my brothers. They wanted to know everything that's set me off recently, and it seemed like they wanted to know everything that's ever pissed me off in the least bit.

So, naturally, they wanted me to blog about anything I didn't think about in the session yesterday.

Trouble is, I think I exhausted myself. Or rather, I'm simply exhausted in general. Between the New Year's fight, my coworkers' newfound fear, the everyday annoyances I get in these damned callers, and a recent lack of restful sleep, I seem to have just tired myself out. It's gotten to the point where I'd rather let the stupid shit go over my head than even attempt to get worked up about it.

So there's something for you, docs. A tired man is not an angry man. Or at least not an outwardly angry man. Problem is, I hate being in this state so fucking much. I don't have the energy to lift a finger, I feel constantly sick, and all I really want is to get some sleep.

Oh yeah, that's a development I don't think I've ever gotten to you internet people. I think our house has rats, or something. Every night, there are these noises keeping me from sleeping peacefully. Sometimes it's scratching, sometimes it's squeaking, but it happens off and on. All. Night. Long. At first, it just annoyed me because it woke me, but last night I couldn't get any sleep whatsoever. I'm going to call an exterminator this afternoon and see about getting this house bug bombed, or something.

But yeah, I'm sorry docs, but I just can't get your post up. Maybe once the rats are gone and I've been able to get some rest, then I'll think about anything I missed.

Oh yeah, before I forget. Mr. Revelation. That was a dick move, posting that comment.


  1. It's Ms. Revelations thank you very much and dick comments are what I do. Also getting drunk and killing people but that's much less often.

  2. You're the one that allowed comments on your blog. I'd suggest an exterminator, if you're so worried about rats.