Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I spent the entire morning watching the news, listening to the newsanchor berate me for not being good enough to hold down a job.

It's not like I'm not worried that there's an eldritch being messing with what I hear, but this just seems so benign. It's almost like I'm getting used to this.

I mean, all it's been doing is trying to convince me that I'm no good, or that I should kill myself, or more laughably, that I should kill Chelsea.

No, Mr. Weatherman, I will not kill Chelsea. Go back to pointing at the clouds and calling me a bitch.

I still need to show Chelsea this blog. Or at least find some way of showing her what's wrong with me.

Because I know for a fact I can't trust myself to tell her directly now. No telling if the Choir's going to skew what I say... Is there? Does the Choir work both ways, or can they only change what goes in my ear?

I really wish Chelsea didn't have to be involved in all this, even if it is just dealing with me.


  1. My offer still stands. I'll be finished with this job soon, and I'll have plenty of time to help you with this problem afterwards.

    - Have a Nice Day

    1. My response is still the same.

      I'm not going to agree to meet any blog-stalkers anytime soon. Because so far you've proven to be rather unhelpful and really creepy. I doubt that'll change in person.

      Have a nice fucking day, asshole.

  2. Have you considered writing her notes, so the PRE can't change your message?

    1. That's... Actually a good idea.

      I'll try that tomorrow afternoon, if I get the chance.

    2. I believe the page you found under printer says otherwise? Didn't they make you do nothing but scribbles?

  3. I wonder what made the Misfits interested in you...

    Hmm. Oh well. I do like the touch of the weatherman calling you a little bitch. The obvious changes in their wording is what makes it easy to deal with. It's when they only change a word or two that you have to worry.