Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Inevitable

The boss fired me. Saw it coming a mile away.

Said he just couldn't keep giving me handouts. He said I was given chance after chance to recover, and all I seemed to be doing was getting worse.

I could've told him what is really happening. That I was haunted by a malicious eldritch being that keeps twisting everything I hear. Even then, I could hear the faint outline of a laugh escaping his throat every time he spoke.

But I couldn't tell him. He would have me carted off to the nearest asylum.

Tomorrow I am to clean out my work area and receive my last paycheck. Saturday I will be unemployed. Monday I won't even bother trying to get another job.

The Choir has made me unemployable. I have no higher education to speak of, and now I'm as good as deaf.

I never thought I would have to rely solely on Chelsea's income... I'm going to have to show her this blog. She's been sitting in silence this entire week, and she doesn't even know why.

The Choir has won this battle. But I'm not giving up yet.


  1. Bit of advice: Don't trust anything.

    - Have a Nice Day

  2. Hey you ever wonder if maybe your boss didn't in fact fire you and that was the choir too... and now from this point on you will always wonder if there's a chance I'm right...

    1. Can I just give you the internetz? Like, right now? Because you won them.

    2. I'm going to remind you both that getting fired has a physical side to it, as well. Ever heard of getting pink-slipped? There's paperwork to back up what I think he said.

      Yeah, he was speaking utter gibberish for about a quarter of the conversation, but I understood the gist of what he said.

      Cleaning out my desk right now. This doesn't deserve a new post.

    3. Oh right pink slips... Damn you reality why must you ruin my trolling!?

  3. The fact that the man worked with the doctors to have you on suspension of sorts to begin with doesn't strike you as... odd?