Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Alright. Here's what I remember from last night. I was at the computer when the 10 p.m. mark hit. The whispers started, and they seemed fairly "normal." There was the regular whispers I had heard since day 1 of this ordeal, a few new phrases found their way into the mix, but I think I read them before, in other stories pertaining to the Choir. "Let the language lead you" was used a lot, sort of in the background, behind the "normal" whispers. I had enough time to transcribe a whisper or two before the pills kicked in at around 10:05. Right when I had planned it.

Chelsea says she saw things a little differently. According to her, I immediately started typing once 10:00 came around. And I didn't stop until 10:15. She was looking the entire time as I typed up that post, and can vouch for its authenticity. I didn't speak a word, I seemed completely normal, I sat there for about 10 minutes longer than I should have, calmly typing out whatever that was. Then I suddenly shut down completely.

Yeah... So that was interesting. Not sure what to believe, but the evidence seems to back up Chelsea's claim. I think I'm done with messing with the whispers for a while now...


  1. Messing with any of them is a bad idea. And apparently your medicine isn't going to be working, anymore.

    I still recommend the pills.

    1. My medicine isn't working anymore? What? The last few nights of sleep beg to differ.

      And I'm not going to take the damn pills. I have no idea what they are, or more importantly, what they'll do to me.

  2. I'm surprised Chelsea isn't more scared than you've made her out to be.