Monday, April 2, 2012


So I've been kind of really busy these last few days. Decided I wanted to know more about The Choir, and more about everything related to it. Reading and writing, reading and writing, that's all I've been doing for the past few days.
No time for sleep, of course.
Granted I can't read anything I write, so I end up having to reread a lot of things. And for some reason there are some things that just don't stick in my head. Little holes and gaps in the knowledge that I was sure I had filled earlier. I tried making a fact web to connect everything, but it just ended up becoming too disorganized. Then the lines reminded me of the CONDUCTRESS's strings, and I had to burn that paper.

Which was a shame, because that was the only coherent thing I could find in these stacks of paper. Pages and pages of scribbles and nonsense. I don't know why I keep trying anymore, it'll just end up an incoherent mess. All these notes gone to waste.

But that doesn't mean I haven't learned anything, oh no. I've learned that there is very little known about The Choir. Their symptoms and appearance are known, and it's recently been found that they sometimes manifest in a fungus, which can accumulate on a body. But nobody knows what the fungus does, how the Choir acts, why the Choir picks who they pick and how they know who will bend and who will break.
They haven't broken me yet.
I learned that there aren't very many documented sightings of DECRESCENDO, and that he and his followers generally act more subtly than other similar beings. The REQUIEM very rarely acts, or has to act, but his followers go out and actively bring death to others for their master. FERMATA, mainly attacks lone travelers or runners, but banding together doesn't seem to help very much against him. REFRAIN usually causes severe mental anguish, but can only kill when inhabiting a human host.

But I can only keep what I'm able to remember, and that space is limited and slippery. I wish I was able to keep my notes, I spent so much time working on them and they would make this so much easier. But I guess those nights were wasted on these stacks of gibberish.
Now I wonder whose fault THAT is...
But perhaps in a sense they weren't. I almost felt comfortable writing those, in a sort of cathartic, almost nostalgic way. Not sure why that is, but that's not important.
It was just like old times.
What is important is that I'm still here, and that Chelsea's still here, and that I'm not constantly sitting at the TV, trying to decode Choir-nonesnse anymore.
You remember the old times? Because I still do.
Back to the studies.
They didn't take everything from me.


  1. So you're studying. I guess that's a step forward.

    Perhaps if you can't write your notes down, you should look into alternative methods for recording your findings.

    - Have a Nice Day

    1. Oh hey, my creepy stalker finally got a Blogger account!

      Hmm... Now that I think about it, I know next to nothing about you, while you seem to know a lot about many things. Who are you? What is this job you keep speaking of? Why did you know where that place in the creek was? Why did I know where that place in the creek was?

      What do YOU know about the Choir?

    2. Why so many questions all of a sudden?

      I'm not telling you who I am, or what I do. Nor will I tell you how either of us are familiar with that creek.

      And I know quite a bit about the Choir, but since you lost your ability to read pertinent information I've been quite busy trying to cover up tracks you disturbed, so you're not going to get anything from me right now.

      - Have a Nice Day

    3. I ask questions because I know nothing about you or who you are, and asking questions is the only route to getting answers.

      But you don't seem to want to answer. At least not directly.

      The fact we both knew where that particular spot in the creek was suggests that we knew each other once, and had that place as a meeting-point of some sort. Or that that place had some meaning to me, and you've just stalked me well enough to know that. But I don't remember anything about that place, so you've been stalking me for quite a while. Or perhaps you're better at remembering things than I...

      "Interesting language you have here. Not just in this post but all over the blog. It'd be unremarkable if it weren't so familiar."

      But these don't exactly sound like the words of a long-time stalker, now do they?

      Tell me, what exactly is so familiar about my language?

    4. You'll just have to live with not knowing for now. I told you I'm not giving you any more answers. Especially since you're just going to twist my answers into whatever insane idea you've got in your head now.

      - Have a Nice Day

    5. And those are all the answers I'll need.

      Thank you for your cooperation, Advisor. I look forward to the next time you decide to be so open with your information.

  2. Have you considered using a recorder to take down notes? Surely you're still able to speak fluently

    1. according to studies the Placebo is able to manipulate sound in recordings apparently.

      there's no real way for him to take notes then is there unless they won't fuck with your recordings.