Monday, April 30, 2012

Second Test

Okay, this isn't as much a single test as it is a series of mini-tests. I'm going to try to ascertain how far the Choir will let me communicate, and how much room I have to maneuver with them

Test 1: Recorded self reading the pages on the Choir on various informational blogs.

Result: Inconclusive. The end product was a monotone chant of "Perhaps their language leads you," one of the mantras the Choir likes to repeat when it's not trying to drive me to murder. Not sure if this is because what I said was altered or if what I heard was altered. Notes on how to improve future tests rendered unreadable.

Test 2: Attempted to transcribe notes for future tests

Result: Failure. The notes immediately degenerated into unreadable gibberish.

Test 3: Attempted to write my own name, along with a few normal questions and statements.

Result: Success.

Test 4: Brought Chelsea in and showed her the card with my name on it. Gave her a sheet of paper and gestured at her to do the same.

Result: Success. The Choir apparently does not interfere with inane acts.

Test 5: Showed Chelsea a card that read “Nod your head if you can read this.”

Result: Success. 

Test 6: Showed Chelsea two cards that read "They are the Choir" and "Please repeat out loud the other card"

Result: Failure. She said "The Choir leads us." I really need to find a way to isolate vocal manipulations from auditory manipulations.

Test 7: I cut up several cards to form a sentence that read "The Choir changes what we say and what we hear." Observed response from Chelsea.

Result: Inconclusive. Not sure what I was thinking there, since whimpering could be a legitimate successful or failed response.

Test 8: I put my fingers to my lips.

Result: Successful. Chelsea calmed down significantly.

Test 9: I showed Chelsea a post on my blog, specifically one early on with possible Choir activity. 

Result: After a minute or so of reading, Chelsea showed surprise and mild shock. I must assume she discovered the long span of the Choir's activity.

Test 0: Failure. Failure. Failure. Their language leads us. Their hand conducts us. We sing only to their tune. There is no hope and no confidence.


  1. Is it just me, or do your tests so far all sound like really bad ideas?

    Provoking the eldritch is generally seen as a bad move. You'll be lucky if you can scream coherently tomorrow.

    - Have a Nice Day

  2. The red text today "Their language leads us. Their hand conducts us. We sing only to their tune. There is no hope and no confidence." is troubling. Tommy, you're blowing a gasket and you say they're trying to get you to kill someone. As far gone as you are I fear they will soon succeed. I hate to say it but I can only think of one way to make sure you don't kill someone else.

    So how about it? Do you have the guts to protect those you might harm at the expense of yourself?

    1. Sorry, Mr. Proxie, but I'm going to have to advise against this.

      If only because Thomas has held out for this long, and I don't think he'll truly crack anytime soon.

      Anyway, I need him to be alive for at least until I can wrap up this job and get over there.

      - Have a Nice Day