Thursday, June 28, 2012

From a name

I am trying to hold myself together.togethertogethertogethertogethertogether
preliator sanguis
Chelsea's loss was regrettable. terra terroris
regrettable torpor fereus
There is no time to rest. tremor infernus
timeo invictus no time
CRITIC and the REQUIEM are watching. extinctor fortis together
es angelus 
FERMATA is closing in. unsichtbar regrettable
dunkler als die Nacht. älter als das Licht
The Choir incapacitating. überall zugleich no time together
fliegt schneller als das Licht Obfuscating
No time to rest, no space to leave. Daemone, parce mihi
furiosus occulos timeo notimetogether regrettable
Alone with the noises of the dead. alonealonealone carne hominis mortalis
Semper secundo odorem sanguis No time together alone hiding
I can only hope that I live long enough to see my end. predator cerberus
alles verfällt dem Dunkel,
qui vi vit infernus
es gibt kein Entrinnen.

Scrambling alone, no time together, regrettable. They watch as the cold closes in.

1 comment:

  1. It looks like this chapter is about to end. A shame.

    I was hoping you would beat it, somehow, but apparently you've failed as well. Or will fail. Or have failed.

    Not that I would have believed it, but it would have been a comforting lie.

    Hang on if you can, and if you do die, don't give them the satisfaction of having you at their nonexistent mercy.