Friday, June 15, 2012


The gaze has lifted. After fourteen days, I'm finally free to do something.

But I don't know how long I have. CRITIC isn't one to leave for very long. I once thought he was gone, but an instant later, he was right there again. I guess he blinked. Ten days in, and he has to blink sometime. But he's gone now. He's gone and better still, the voices stopped! The Choir laughs and CRITIC averts his gaze and Thomas Blake is free to tell the world of his confinement! And now the blissful silence is my only companion here.

It's been so long since I've checked up on Chelsea. Her damned babbling kept driving me away. But now I think she's asleep. It's been three days since she last slept, you know. I think. Perhaps she slept yesterday, but the Choir made the babbling. Who's to know!

But the Choir's gone and CRITIC's gone and I have just enough room in this room to jump for joy at it all! I would dance, but this room is full of these useless papers. Don't even know why I bothered with all this, it's all junk anyway. Nothing to see, nothing to do, nothing to hear but the sounds of

theyre not going to be gone forever goingto checkin on chelsea

will report in if i find anything

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  1. well,surely this can't end well. Just don't get ahead of yourself