Sunday, September 2, 2012


Here lies a friend
Entombed in the insecurities of the present,
Hunted by the mistakes of the past,
Haunted by the spirit of inevitability,
Chased by the ghost of his abandonment.
He chose his path like the best of men
And left us here to mourn.

My hand sang his eulogy
With blade and needle
My vengeance finished
His will be done.

We lay his spirit to rest today
For we have no body to bury.
We sing of his end now
For we lay his aggressors with him.
We entrust him to his god
For we can do no more for him.

My hand writes his eulogy
With paper, ink, and blood
And so I end our mourning here
There are yet more to drag to hell.

Goodnight, Thomas Blake
May your god be kind to your likeness.

- Have a Nice Day

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